Cyclone II 3600W Stainless Steel 27 Gallon All Terrain Gutter Vacuum with 28 Foot Aluminum Poles and Bag

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The Cyclone II 3600W Stainless Steel 27 Gallon All Terrain Gutter Vacuum with 28 Foot Aluminum Poles and Bag bundle is your ultimate solution for commercial gutter cleaning. It features our 27 Gallon Commercial Cyclone Gutter Vacuum which has an impressive 3600W of power. Equipped with a stainless steel 100-litre tank and powered by triple 1200W motors, it boasts an extraordinary airflow of 645 m³/hour, ensuring swift and efficient cleaning. The innovative Cyclonic Side Inlet and a high-performance HEPA filter maintain the vacuum's peak performance, preventing blockages and prolonging motor life. The robust all terrain cart comes with front locking caster wheels and pneumatic all-terrain rear tires and a full steel tilt bar to quickly and easily empty the tank with minimal mess.

Included in this kit are 28 feet of aerospace aluminum gutter poles, seven 4 foot sections, with six quick-release metal clamps. An additional nozzle-silicone-adaptor kit is provided, containing a standard nozzle, a crevice tool, and a 135-degree bend, alongside three silicone adaptors for various vacuum hoses.

The kit also comes with a durable transport and storage bag designed to hold up to a 40' pole set along with all accessories comfortably. The bag features a double-wall construction and a large pouch for smaller items.

This comprehensive kit combines powerful cleaning capabilities with convenience and durability, making it an indispensable tool for commercial gutter maintenance.


  • Powerful 3600W commercial gutter vacuum with a 27-gallon stainless steel tank ensures efficient and thorough cleaning.
  • Equipped with a cyclonic side inlet and a high-performance HEPA filter to minimize blockages and maintain air flow, extending the vacuum's lifespan.
  • Features an ALL TERRAIN chassis with industrial-grade wheels, a steel tilt bar, and heavy-duty front brakes for unmatched mobility and stability on any terrain.
  • Includes a comprehensive 28ft aluminum pole kit with aerospace-grade poles, quick-release clamps, and versatile silicone adapters for easy attachment to most standard wet/dry vacuums.
  • The pole kit's lightweight design, weighing just 1.6 lbs per 4ft section, allows for effortless handling and maneuverability.
  • Comes with a durable bag featuring double-wall construction, an abrasion-resistant polyester material, and a large accessories pouch, accommodating up to a 40' pole kit.
  • The bag is designed with a plastic inner liner to protect against wear, ensuring the kit's components remain secure and organized.
  • The nozzle and silicone adapter kit includes a standard nozzle, a crevice tool, and a 135-degree silicone U bend, offering flexibility for various cleaning tasks.
  • Drain hose attachment on the vacuum allows for easy water removal, keeping the tank light and maximizing capacity for debris.
  • Designed to enhance cleaning efficiency, this kit is ideal for commercial cleaning professionals seeking a high-quality, versatile solution for gutter maintenance.

Product Features

Powerful Motor

Equipped with triple motors totaling 3600W, it delivers unmatched suction strength for efficient and rapid cleaning tasks.

Robust Tank

A substantial 100-liter capacity ensures extensive cleaning sessions without the need for frequent emptying, making it ideal for large-scale operations.

Product Feature

Durable Construction

Built with high-grade stainless steel and designed to withstand rigorous use in all environments.

Easy Maneuverability

The industrial-grade trolley, combined with a sturdy design and heavy-duty front brakes, offers enhanced control and stability.

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Testimonial Star

Michael B.

Gutter Pro Vac has has completely changed the way we approach gutter cleaning at our company. The professional-grade machines are very effective, but what really amazed me was the shipping process. From start to finish, everything runs smoothly with real-time tracking information. I always knew where my order was!

Testimonial Star

Jason W.

Gutter Pro Vac puts the highest priority on customer satisfaction. I had a couple questions before making my purchase, and their response time was excellent. It's great to come across a company that actually values their customers.

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Brian D.

I recently purchased a gutter cleaning vacuum from Gutter Pro Vac. Not only is the machine excellent, but regular updates on my order kept me at peace throughout the shipment process. A smooth experience.

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Chris J.

Aside from their high-quality machines, Gutter Pro Vac stands out by its commitment to customer satisfaction. I had a minor issue, and their support team responded quickly.

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Robert P.

Gutter Pro Vac kept us updated from the moment we made the purchase until the product arrived at our home. Their shipping updates and tracking details made the entire process smooth and trustworthy.

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David T.

Professional-grade machines, a smooth shipping process, and a responsive customer support team – Gutter Pro Vac has it all. They got a loyal customer in me!

Testimonial Star

Timothy H.

Outstanding machines plus excellent team! The Gutter Pro Vac purchase process was simple and quick. Bryan's discussions during screening call kept us on track, and David Hargrave was useful in our final decision. Couldn't ask for anything more!

Testimonial Star

James L.

Gutter Pro Vac was a great decision for our business. The purchasing process went smoothly, and we want to thank Bryan for his screening call and David Hargrave for assisting us in choosing the right machine.

Testimonial Star

Joseph H.

The Gutter Pro Vac team deserves a big shoutout! David Hargrave's helpful advice was the cherry on top on the cake after Bryan made sure we got off to a good start with his screening call. We've got a machine that completely suited to our needs.

Testimonial Star

John S.

We were pleasantly delighted by Gutter Pro Vac's simple purchase process. Bryan's screening call was a very good start, and David Hargrave's experienced advice helped us make the best decision.

Testimonial Star

Roberto G.

I felt supported by the Gutter Pro Vac team from the start. Their machines are second to none, and Bryan's hands-on approach to supporting new business owners is highly appreciated.

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Juan Carlos M.

Gutter Pro Vac stands out not only by its great machines, but also by its helpful community and support. Bryan's business advice has been essential in shaping the success of my company.

Testimonial Star

Francisco J.

As a new business owner on this industry, I'm amazed by the warm welcome I received in Gutter Pro Vac's online community. Fellow users gave me useful tips and shared their experiences, making the initial step much less worrisome.

Testimonial Star

Alejandro R.

The Gutter Pro Vac online community is just one more example of the company's commitment to its customers. It's a rich mine of tips, tricks, and advice from other users! I truly value this inclusive initiative.

Testimonial Star

Diego L.

Excellent performance, long-lasting, and an active online support community, Gutter Pro Vac has these all. It's more than a business; it's an investment in quality, and building a reliable online community for all its users.

Testimonial Star

Miguel P.

Gutter Pro Vac has created a great online community. When I have a question about a technique or something, there's always someone willing to help or share their knowledge. A product with its support system is a different level. Priceless.

Testimonial Star

Eduardo V.

We've used many gutter cleaning machines over the years, but nothing compares to Gutter Pro Vac. Efficient, trustworthy, and backed by a very helpful online user community.

Testimonial Star

Ricardo T.

Gutter Pro Vac's commitment not only providing high-quality machines but also to creating a platform for customers to engage and learn is unmatched. Our team has benefited much from the online community, which helped us in improving the way we work and learning new strategies.

Testimonial Star

Fernando S.

I had maintenance inquiries  and the online community for Gutter Pro Vac users provided all the answers. It's clear that this company cares about its consumers long after they've made a purchase.

Testimonial Star

Luis Alberto N.

I learn something new every time I visit the Gutter Pro Vac online community. It's an essential resource that complements their machines.

Testimonial Star

Maria G.

We owe a big thank you to Bryan and David for their guidance throughout our purchase. Their expertise helped me and my husband in making decision and we are very happy with our Gutter Pro Vac system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our powerful Gutter Pro Vac systems require 240 volts to run. You can get this from almost any generator, just be sure that it has a minimum output of 5500 watts (6500 peak), 30amps max current, and a 4-prong push and twist NEMA plug outlet.

NOTE: The machine cannot be plugged into a domestic power outlet, it will not work.

The cyclone gutter vacuums has 28 feet power cord, and an included standard hose length of 16 feet.

Absolutely. With its powerful motor and large capacity, the Cyclone II is ideal for heavy-duty cleaning and is capable of handling substantial amounts of debris.

You can contact us through our contact page! We will be happy to assist you.

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