Pole Comparison

Frequently Asked Questions

The Gutter Pro Vac Pole Kits come in two lengths: 20 feet and 40 feet. Each individual pole is 4 feet long.

Yes, they are suitable for both residential and commercial applications, making them versatile for various high reach jobs.

The pole comes with a flexible 135-degree silicone "U" bend, two aluminum nozzles and three adaptors. We also offer a carbon swan neck and aluminum "gulper" nozzle.

The Aluminum pole is made from aerospace-grade lightweight aluminum. The Carbon Push Fit pole features a convenient push locking mechanism for easy assembly. The Carbon Fiber Clamping pole is constructed from lightweight carbon, and equipped with a clamp at one end, making it easy to set up and disassembled.

The poles require meticulous care. After each use, they should be cleaned out and wiped down in order to ensure longevity. The carbon fiber poles should be regularly lubricated.

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