Peace of Mind Delivery: Shipping via LTL Freight

Our gutter vacuums and kits are shipped securely using Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) freight to ensure your order's safe arrival at your doorstep. Here's why we choose LTL:

Enhanced Protection:
Large, heavy items require specialized handling. LTL freight provides dedicated space and secure strapping within a trailer, minimizing the risk of damage during transit.

Expert Handling:
Experienced LTL carriers specialize in transporting bulky items, ensuring your purchase is loaded and unloaded with utmost care.

What to Expect:

Delivery Appointment: You'll be contacted by the local shipping depot to schedule a convenient delivery window that works for you.

Curbside Delivery: LTL deliveries are curbside only. Please plan for assistance moving the item once it has been delivered.

Liftgate Service: If your order is being delivered to a residential address we will a liftgate to lower the item to the ground, at no additional service.

For more information:
Feel free to contact us with any questions about LTL shipping for your order.
Shop with confidence knowing your purchase will arrive safely!