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20 Gallon Gutter Pro Vac Kit with 40 Foot Carbon Poles and 50 Foot Hose

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The 20 Gallon Gutter Vacuum and the 40-foot reach (3 storys) carbon tapered poles kit with a 50-foot hose is an effective and efficient way for you to clean gutters from the safety of the ground. The carbon poles have a tapered fit and therefore fit together and completely remove air leaks from the system, they are also very lightweight at 11 ounces each, making the overall weight of 10 poles less than 7 lbs, the nozzle, silicone 135-degree bend, and adaptors add to this overall weight to be 9 lbs. The 20 Gallon Gutter Vacuum which is equipped with 3 x 1200w motors has a 'cyclonic' side inlet which creates a cyclone effect allowing more airflow and more suction power for those higher roof lines. The vacuum has a side drain hose that can be used to empty the machine of water before tipping the debris into a trash bag. The machine also has a cloth air filter that can be washed and reused over and over... although we do recommend replacing these once per year. The new 50-foot hose is also included with this kit, this allows access to higher more difficult to get to areas and is wider than the standard 25 foot hose (also included) allowing more airflow and power.



Much safer than using a ladder to clean gutters for my clients

Bob Daly - Southport Gutter Cleaners

Changed the way we operate, safer and more effective cleaning.... all at ground level.

John Keely - Johnny Raingutter & Rooftop Cleaning

Replaced our expensive, time consuming cherry pickers and scaffolding.

Toni Carro