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Carry Bag for Gutter Poles and Accessories by EquipMaxx

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Our Carry Bag for Gutter Poles and Accessories is a heavy duty holdall. It is made with double wall construction, featuring abrasion resistant polyester material, and ready to protect your poles from wear and tear. With top and side handles, as well as a padded shoulder strap, you'll be able to transport your poles and accessories anywhere with ease. The long side zip provides easy access, with room to fit up to a full 40' pole kit plus two additional poles. Additionally, a large accessories pouch helps keep all your brackets, tools, silicone elbows and cuffs organized. An inner plastic liner also protects the top and bottom of the bag from excessive wear. In short, this is the perfect bag for anyone looking to transport their gutter poles safely and securely.


  • Double wall construction with abrasion resistant polyester material.
  • Fits a complete 40' pole kit and accessories with room for two additional poles too.
  • Large accessories pouch to keep all your brackets, tools, silicone elbows and cuff inside
  • Plastic inner liner to protect top and bottom from excessive wear.
  • Overall Dimensions: 56" x 16" x 18"




Much safer than using a ladder to clean gutters for my clients

Bob Daly - Southport Gutter Cleaners

Changed the way we operate, safer and more effective cleaning.... all at ground level.

John Keely - Johnny Raingutter & Rooftop Cleaning

Replaced our expensive, time consuming cherry pickers and scaffolding.

Toni Carro