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Carbon Fiber Clamping Gutter 20 Foot Pole Kit (5 Poles) with Silicone Accessories

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Our new 20 Foot Carbon Clamping Gutter Pole Kit is the perfect gutter cleaning solution. The poles are made of durable carbon fiber and are ready for all of your tough jobs. They are designed with a wider female end that allows you to insert and clamp the connecting pole in place. Each pole is 4 feet long and weigh 16.5oz each. You have the flexibility to either use one pole or all 5, depending on the reach you need on the jobsite. With their lightweight design, these poles are easy to set up and handle, making them ideal for professional use as well as for home maintenance projects. You can safely get to those hard to reach areas without having to climb on the roof or get up on a ladder. Set up and tear down is quick and easy, just undo the clamps, detach the poles, pack it up and you are done. The kit comes with 4 clamping poles, one straight pole and an accessory kit. The accessory kit includes a silicone U bend and 3 hose adaptors, a crevice tool and an angled nozzle. You will also receive 3 adaptors so you can attach the poles to any standard wet / dry vacuum.

  • CLEAN GUTTERS SAFELY AND EASILY - No more dangerous ladders! With our 20 Foot Carbon Fiber Clamping Gutter Pole Kit, you can easily and safely clean your gutters without ever having to leave the ground. The clamped carbon fiber poles are incredibly strong and durable, making them perfect for extended use.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND CONVENIENT - The carbon fiber construction of the poles makes them incredibly lightweight and easy to transport. The clamping mechanism makes it quick and easy to set up and tear down.
  • EASY TO USE - The internal stop barrier on the poles prevents them from pushing together too tightly, making them incredibly easy to assemble and disassemble. 
  • DURABLE - The carbon fiber construction of these poles makes them incredibly strong and durable for long-term use. They are also resistant to corrosion, rot, and rust so they won't degrade over time. Clean your gutters with ease and safety for years to come!
  • NONSLIP DESIGN - The nonslip carbon fiber prevents slipping during cleaning, as well as provides comfort and grip when using the pole.
  • LOCKING MECHANISM - The locking clamps allow you to lock each pole in place, ensuring there is no slip.
  • CORROSION RESISTANT - The carbon fiber is corrosion resistant, keeping your poles looking like new for years to come
  • PORTABLE DESIGN - The lightweight construction allows you to easily use the poles without excessive fatigue over extended use.


 Length Per Pole 4 Feet
Weight Per Pole 16.5oz
Top (Clamp End) Inside Dimension 1.95" (49.6mm)
Top (Clamp End) Outside Dimension 2.08" (53mm)
Bottom Inside Dimension 1.83" (46.4mm)
Bottom Outside Dimension 1.94" (49.5mm)



Much safer than using a ladder to clean gutters for my clients

Bob Daly - Southport Gutter Cleaners

Changed the way we operate, safer and more effective cleaning.... all at ground level.

John Keely - Johnny Raingutter & Rooftop Cleaning

Replaced our expensive, time consuming cherry pickers and scaffolding.

Toni Carro