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Cyclone Triple 3600 Gutter Vacuum (20gal) with 40 foot Carbon Gutter Poles

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The Cyclone Triple 3600 Gutter Vacuum is a professional-grade gutter cleaning machine that comes with three motors and 40-foot long carbon fiber gutter poles. It's perfect for cleaning gutters on two- or three-story homes, and its powerful motors can easily remove leaves, dirt, and other debris from even the most stubborn gutters. The Cyclone Triple 3600 is also incredibly easy to use; simply attach the included poles to the vacuum unit, climb up to the gutter, and start cleaning. And thanks to its lightweight design, the Cyclone Triple 3600 is easy to transport and store.

A Machine Built to Last

The Cyclone machine’s tank is made of heavy-grade stainless steel and has a 2 ½ inch diameter side inlet made of durable aluminium alloy, allowing for greater airflow than ever before. Simply insert the hose coupling, hook up the poles, and unleash the monster suction power this puppy delivers. The system is unparalleled in performance.

Powerful Cyclonic Side Inlet

Thanks to the innovative side inlet, the incoming air creates a strong cyclone effect inside the tank, allowing for stronger airflow. The machine comes with a metal debris deflector that prevents debris from hitting the filter on entry, so it swirls around the tank and falls to the bottom instead. Everything about this machine speaks to high quality, from the two-stage European-built motors to the durable hose, the solid couplings, the rugged steel frame, and the robust motor housing.  

Reusable HEPA Filter

This cyclonic vacuum for gutter cleaning comes with a high-performance HEPA filter that prevents any debris or particulates from inhibiting the motors or creating a blockage, thus resulting in reliable, consistent suction power from start to finish. It's healthier for the environment, too, since the filter can be easily brushed or washed out after each job. So with the reusable and washable HEPA wet/dry cartridge filter, there’s no need to buy replaceable cartridges every month.

Emptying the tank is a cinch, simply unclip and remove the head, and then tip out the contents of the tank into a trash bag.

Strong, Flexible Hose

The high-quality standard 16-foot hose is made of durable Hiflex PVC and is lightweight and super flexible. A longer 32-foot hose is also available to purchase as a separate add-on; sorry, no swapping out.

Heavy Gauge Power Cord

Like other vacuums in our line the vacuum comes with a 28-foot heavy gauge power cord which has a 4 prong NEMA push and twist plug that is compatible with most larger generators (240v @ 30 amps) We recommend a generator with a minimum running watts of 5500). We also offer a 60 foot extension cord, allowing you move distance and flexibility.


Kit Includes:

Cyclone 3600 20 Gallon Vacuum

16 foot Hose

10 x 4 foot Carbon Gutter Poles

Silicone 135 degree Gooseneck

3 Silicone Hose Adaptors

Round Nozzle Tip

Crevice Nozzle Tip


CLEAN GUTTERS LIKE A PRO - The Cyclone Triple 3600 Gutter Vacuum is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for cleaning gutters. This system comes with three motors that provide a 40-foot reach, making it easy to clean even the highest gutters.

DURABLE AND RELIABLE - The Cyclone Triple 3600 Gutter Vacuum is built to last. Its three motors are incredibly powerful, and its heavy-duty steel frame can handle even the most stubborn debris.

LIGHTWEIGHT CARBON POLES - The Cyclone Triple 3600 comes with 40-foot long carbon fiber poles that are lightweight and easy to use.

HEAVY DUTY STEEL FRAME - The Cyclone Triple 3600's heavy-duty steel frame can handle even the most stubborn debris.

Vacuum Specifications


Cyclone Triple 3600

Tank Capacity

20 Gallons

Rated Power

3600W (3x 1200W)

Rated Voltage


Normal Frequency

50Hz / 60Hz

Water Lift

95 inches

Air Flow

2840 gallons³/minute




Pole Specifications

Bottom OD

2.04 inches / 52mm

Top OD

1.95 inches / 49.6mm


0.03 inches / 1mm


52 inches / 1320.8mm

Weight (per pole)

11.3oz / 0.32g


For more information, please check out the Cyclone instruction manual



Much safer than using a ladder to clean gutters for my clients

Bob Daly - Southport Gutter Cleaners

Changed the way we operate, safer and more effective cleaning.... all at ground level.

John Keely - Johnny Raingutter & Rooftop Cleaning

Replaced our expensive, time consuming cherry pickers and scaffolding.

Toni Carro