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Cyclone 2400W 20 Gallon Domestic (120v) Gutter Vacuum with 20 Foot Carbon Push Fit Poles and Bag

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The Cyclone 2400W Gutter Vacuum is not just a powerful vacuum, it's also a versatile tool that comes with everything you need to get started. The vacuum tank has a large capacity of 20 gallons, which means you can clean more gutters without having to stop and empty it. The tank is made of polypropylene, which is durable and resistant to corrosion and impact. The vacuum has two motors that deliver a total power of 2400W, which creates a strong suction that can remove even the most stubborn dirt from your gutters. The vacuum also has a by-pass cooling system that prevents overheating and extends the life of the motors. The vacuum has a waterlift of 88.65 inches and an air flow of 200.22 cfm, which are impressive numbers that indicate its performance and efficiency.

The Cyclone 2400W Gutter Vacuum is easy to use and operate. It has 28-foot power cord, which gives you plenty of room to move around. It also has rubber tread back wheels and locking front casters that make it easy to roll on any surface and lock in place during use. The vacuum weighs 61.5 pounds, which is not too heavy for its size and power. The vacuum has a simple on/off switch that controls both motors, as well as a drain valve that lets you empty the tank when you're done.

You'll receive a 16 foot standard hose that connects to the vacuum tank, as well as a 20 foot carbon push fit pole set that attaches to the hose. The poles allow you to reach high gutters without using a ladder, making your work safer and more convenient. The poles are made of carbon fiber, which is strong and lightweight, so you won't get tired from holding it. The kit also includes a carry bag for gutter poles and accessories, which makes it easy to store and transport your equipment.

The Gutter Pro Vac carbon poles are made of high quality 100% carbon fiber (24 Ton) with a 1/32 inch wall thickness making them extremely strong and VERY LIGHTWEIGHT weighing just 11 ounces per pole! Coated ring reinforced ends provide extra durability over standard carbon fiber poles by reducing any feathering effect on the ends of the poles. The tapered ends allow the poles to simply slide together, no clamps are required to hold the poles together. The Gutter Pro Vac carbon poles are 2 inches in diameter and have been designed to be rigid, strong and very lightweight enabling the operator to comfortably use the poles all day without aching arms and full control of the pole.

With this pole set combined with your Gutter Pro Vac vacuum you can now access areas that were previously inaccessible and clean gutters safely and effectively.

Cyclone 2400W CVP76-2 Vacuum Features

  • Easy Draining: Cyclone 2400W Gutter Vacuum comes with a built in drain plug and hose that allows you to quickly and easily drain water from the tank without any need to tip the machine.
  • Powerful Motor: powered by 2 two-stage 1200w motors, the Cyclone 2400W Gutter Vacuum is ideal for homeowners looking for a powerful machine that can handle tough gutter cleaning tasks with ease.
  • Large Tank Capacity: With a 20-gallon, dent and corrosion resistant polypropylene tank, this vacuum cleaner can handle large volumes of debris before needing to be emptied.
  • Reusable HEPA Filter: High-performance HEPA (dust) filter prevents inddor and outdoor dust and particulates from blocking the motor, ensuring consistent power and suction.
  • Powerful Side Inlet: a 2.8" ID side inlet that creates a cyclonic air effect, providing powerful suction and efficient debris removal.
  • Metal Debris Deflector: The vacuum cleaner features a deflector that protects the head, on entry the debris swirls around the tank and falls to the bottom.
  • Easy Maneuverability: The vacuum is equipped with smooth rolling rubber tread back wheels and locking front casters, allowing for easy movement during use.
  • Sturdy Steel Frame: With a robust steel frame with handles, this vacuum cleaner is built to last and withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use.
  • Strong, Flexible Hose: The polypropylene hose is designed to be tangle-free, ensuring smooth, snag-free and hassle-free operation.
  • Heavy Gauge Domestic Power Cord: The vacuum cleaner features a 120V 28-foot heavy gauge power cord, giving you the flexibility to move around without having to unplug and replug the machine.

Carbon Push Fit Pole Kit Features

  • Durable Material: Made of 24 TON Carbon Fiber
  • Easy to Use:Tapered ends for easy assembly
  • Large Selection of Adaptors: Multiple adaptors and tips
    • 1 x 135 Degrees Silicone Angled Head 
    • 3 x Connection Silicone Pole to Hose Adapters (2" - 2", 2" - 2 1/4" and 2" - 1 3/4") to fit most standard wet/dry vacuums.
    • 1 x Narrow Cleaning Head / Nozzle
    • 1 x Wide Cleaning Head / Nozzle

Pole Bag Features: 

  • Well Made: Double wall construction with abrasion resistant polyester material.
  • Large Hold: Fits a complete 40' pole kit and accessories with room for two additional poles too.
  • Extra Storage: Large accessories pouch to keep all your brackets, tools, silicone elbows and cuff inside
  • Durable: Plastic inner liner to protect top and bottom from excessive wear.
  • Size: Overall Dimensions: 56" x 16" x 18"

Cyclone 2400W CVP76-2 Vacuum Specifications

number of motors 2
stage: double
volt V: 110 - 120
Frequency Hz: 50 / 60
Cooling: by pass
P max (W): 2400
P (W) Waterlift (inches): 88.65
Air Flow (cfm): 200.22
LPA sonorus 3mt (dB(A)): 68
Total Tank Capacity: 20 Gallon (76L)
Power Cord Length (ft): 28
Weight: 57.7lbs (26.1kg)
Tank Material: Polypropylene

Carbon Push Fit Pole Specifications

Bottom OD 2.04 inches / 52mm
Top OD 1.95 inches / 49.6mm
Thickness 0.03 inches / 1mm
Length 52 inches / 1320.8mm
Weight (per pole) 11.3oz / 0.32g

Pole Bag Specifications:

Poles Supported Fits up to a 40 foot pole kit
Accessory Pouch 15" x 11" x 2"
Interior Plastic inner liner
Overall Dimensions 56" x 16" x 18"



Much safer than using a ladder to clean gutters for my clients

Bob Daly - Southport Gutter Cleaners

Changed the way we operate, safer and more effective cleaning.... all at ground level.

John Keely - Johnny Raingutter & Rooftop Cleaning

Replaced our expensive, time consuming cherry pickers and scaffolding.

Toni Carro